Getting things GNOME! Web: The Penultimate Report

From my last report I managed to get home from GUADEC, which was great! The trip home.. not so much. The plane was on time, trains in Netherlands also, actually I can’t stop talking about how great the trains in Netherlands are. But the train from Budapest to Croatia was 3 hours late, mostly because of the border control which actually unscrewed the ceiling panels from train cars, and checked if anything is in there. I really hate border control.

Well, back to my project.

What’s new this week: a few css improvements – css is now a bit more organized and easier to work with. Desktop GTG switched from the old gtg ids (e.g. 3@1) to uuids a while ago which is now done in gtgonline too. Since the introduction of tag color support last week, someone asked me where are the colors coming from, so now there is a color picker for tags. It needs polishing, but it works quite nicely.

Tag color picker

Finally you can have your tags all in shades of pink and purple

For next week: It is the last week of summer of code, so I’m going to work on documentation, cleaning up the code and other similar and related activities, yeey! 🙂


12 Responses to Getting things GNOME! Web: The Penultimate Report

  1. Jim Campbell says:

    I like the title. “Getting Things GNOME! WEB!!!” Very snazzy. ; -)

    Thank you for your work on this project!!

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  3. mw88 says:

    If this project somehow gets a sync feature with Astrid it will be a killer application!

    I know that Astrid GTG sync can be done with remember the milk but I don’t want to give someone my personal TODO-list 😉

    I’m a Java developer and I happen to know a bit about Android so I would be happy to help with integrating this with Astrid.


    • karlojez says:

      Sure, it can be done. There is a json api for tasks which is used for sync and it would be great if astrid supported gtgonline. That said, this project is still very young and I can’t promise that api won’t change in the following months.

      • mw88 says:

        Nice. I’m currently working with json in Java so this shouldn’t be a problem.

        This is the documentation about the Astrid plugin system:

        I will contact the developers of Astrid and ask them to help me with this.

        Is there already a download available to play with GTG Web?

        • karlojez says:

          There is a branch in launchpad:

          so, no releases yet, but I try to make sure that each revision is at least usable 🙂

        • errol says:

          I’ve been looking for a way to sync GTG with my pda (android) phone, without resorting to using the web as an intermediary. A USB link between PC & PDA is simple and secure, and preferred.

          I wait with keen interest, the results of your work in integrating Astrid and GTG, but wonder how you will handle the differences in the 2 systems. In particular, GTG can use nested tasks, while Astrid (afaik) can not. This is a major problem with going the GTG remember the milk astrid route. The original GTG window is simple clean and uncluttered, while the resulting astrid window is anything but, and that is a major issue on a small screen.

  4. Marko says:


  5. Hans says:

    I was wondering what made you say the trains in The Netherlands are great.

    • karlojez says:

      They are really fast, really clean and on time. Also, there are multiple InterCity trains per hour, compared to only a few per day in Croatia.

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