GTG Web Report #9

Hello planet,

my 8th report was only an email to the mailing list, as my computer was thunderstruck. It is being repaired at the moment and I’m using my mother’s netbook as a replacement. It’s quite slow but it works.

This week I made a hover menu for quick task manipulation. For now it only has two buttons and over time it might get one or two more, maybe for changing dates or something, but I wouldn’t like to make it too bloated. I also fixed some bugs, fixed a lot of html errors and started improving css.

Next week I’m going to GUADEC so I won’t make any predictions on my work, but I’ll try to discuss the overall interface design with my teammates.

My bags are already packed and I have a train to Budapest at 2am today, and a flight from Budapest to Eindhoven in the afternoon, so I hope I’ll get a couple of hours to enjoy Budapest before heading off to Netherlands.

Here are couple of screen shots of new features, the Quick Add entry and a hover menu:


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