GTG web: The fifth report

In yet another weekly report I’ll talk about stuff I’ve done this past week + some plans for the future.

Last week I said I’ll do

  • Text parsing
  • Read-write API
  • Start writing a new GTG backend to enable synchronization.

Text parsing now works quite nicely. When you make a task (in web interface or using the API) tags and subtasks are recognized and added to the task, new subtasks also inherit parent’s tags. In reader view you can follow links to subtasks and tags, it’s a nice way to navigate through tasks. Subtask links were implemented a couple of weeks ago but the feature was broken until this week.

Read-write REST API is functional. For now it uses basic http authentication, someday it will use oauth but it’s not a priority (yet). I’ve also written a small and simple python client library that provides interface to the API, which will be used in the sync backend.

As for the third point – I’m glad I said “start writing” instead of “write”. I did start, configuration interface works. Not much else. šŸ™‚ I’m looking at code of other backends, and I’m trying to wrap my head around the system.

And that is the only task I’ll give myself for this week – make a sync backend. The bulk of final exams is this week, but I think I’ll manage to do everything in time. After that, most of the major features of my summer of code project will be done and I’ll be focusing on usability and interface for a while. That’s great for blog readers as I’ll finally have some new pictures to show.


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