Getting things GNOME! Web service and API: Weekly Report 04

Hello planet and others!

This is yet another weekly report. It’s been a very busy week at my college. All that remains are the final exams, which are spread out over three weeks thanks to two national holidays in Croatia next week, so they won’t take too much of my time. It’s anti-fascist struggle day on tuesday and statehood day on friday – so for most people it’s a week off from work. Sometimes it’s good to live in such a lazy country. 🙂
The plan for this week was:

  • start working on task text parsing. (TODO) – I didn’t manage to do this, but it’s on the list for next week.
  • start working on the REST API. (DONE) – We now have a functional read-only API with basic authentication. It can be tested using curl. API details are on the project’s LGO page
  • enable user registration, so the django admin interface is no longer needed. (DONE) – It works but it doesn’t look nice, it will get prettier over time.

For next week, the plan is to do:

  • Text parsing
  • Read-write API
  • Start writing a new GTG backend (using Luca Invernizzi’s mighty backend system) to enable synchronization.

Instructions for testing the API are on my portfolio page.

Hope everyone had a good first gsoc month!


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