Getting things GNOME! Web service – Weekly report 3

Hi folks!

This is my third weekly report, the second one was only on the mailing list because I couldn’t do much work last week. But here we are now, a week later with quite a few new features.

As you may not know, the web service I’m working on is not only a web server, it’s also a dbus client. That means that it is useless on its own, it has to be used with a GTG dbus provider. Until this week, I’ve been using a recent trunk version of Getting Things GNOME! with a modified dbus api, but that got overly complicated with adding new features to the web interface. Because of that I reworked the innards of the fake server that I made in the beginning, and it’s actually useful now.

Better dummy dbus server allowed me to make the web interface multiuser-friendly. Now each user has its own tasks. This is done by using the new dbus parameter user, which was easy to implement with a fake server and will take time to do with the real GTG.

Another new feature is changing task statuses, which can be seen on the left:

Task view interface

As you can see, there is now a user area on the right, with a broken preferences link and a working log out link. User accounts have to be created using django admin interface, but that will soon be fixed.

One more thing… As you can see in the screen shot, web interface can now be used to create and edit tasks. For now new tasks can only be roots in the task tree. Once proper text parsing is in place, we will be able to make task trees just as easily as in desktop GTG.

For next week, I hope I will do the following:

  • start working on task text parsing, so that it will be possible to mark tasks with tags and to make task trees.
  • start working on the REST API.
  • enable user registration, so the django admin interface is no longer needed

If you want to test it and play with it, the instructions are on project’s page. Have fun, it’s buggy! 🙂

Thanks for reading; have a nice day!


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