Getting Things GNOME! – GSoC weekly report 1

Hello Planet and others!

This is my first weekly report about my project – GTG web service and api. I’m currently working on the service itself, no api yet.

What have I done this week:

  • Started my project, pushed it to launchpad
  • Began writing the main task list and a more detailed task view (see pretty pictures!)
  • Started work on expanding gtg dbus api.
  • Lost my telephone and internet connection, fortunately only for a day. Turns out it’s not a good idea to have a telephone line to your house go through someone else’s house first, especially if there are construction works over there and the cables are connected A je to! style, i.e., badly. (A je to! – One of the best cartoons ever, a true monument to DIY (do-it-yourself) culture. Don’t know if it was ever popular outside the eastern block :D).
  • Sent a couple of revisions to launchpad using cell phone tethering with a crappy signal, great fun.

What I plan and hope to do next week:

  • Discuss dbus api changes with other lovely GTG devs.
  • Beef up the main views, so it’s easier to track down problems later. It’s hard to fix a problem you can’t see.
  • Start with adding user support.
  • Do something about my bachelor thesis. Now that it’s public, it’ll make me work on it a bit more.

Now, on to the pretty pictures.

Oh, and enjoy the weekend!


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