Getting Things Gnome – GSOC – Introduction

I'm attending GUADEC
Hello, everybody!

My name is Karlo and the good folks at GNOME accepted my summer of code project. Thank you GNOME! I’ll be working on Getting things GNOME! web service and API (you don’t use GTG? You really should. 😉 available in the nearest package repository).

What’s it about? It’s about clouderizing(TM) your tasks. Your tasks will follow you wherever you go, you will have them on every computer, on your cell phone, at work, on holidays, you will never get any rest because you can’t escape from things you should do anymore. But it’s opt-in. 🙂

TODO in the following months is a django web application which connects to a background GTG server (Paul Kishimoto will be working on the separation between gtg interface and core) locally via dbus, and enables the faraway user to manage it’s tasks, this way we can have a real GTG available from everywhere. Managing can be done using an REST API which will be used for synchronization with desktop GTG and other applications, or using a web view, which is made for humans. Synchronization magic will be powered by Luca’s wonderful backend project.

There is a bazaar branch in launchpad for the project, which for now only displays the tasks from the running GTG on the computer. If you want to take a peek, you can (not to be used with stable gtg (0.2.4), use 0.3-development because of dbus api changes). Expect more soon!

Last but not least, thanks to Gnome Foundation, I’ll be attending GUADEC to meet fellow students, mentors and other rock stars. See you there!

Sponsored by GNOME Foundation


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